Call of the Sea

Le Sorcier's War - Book 1

Honoria Talbott is just a quiet Irish girl who loves to swim and tinker with her clockwork inventions. Until she meets Cathal mac Ler, a selkie lord charged with marrying a human female as part of a treaty negotiation between Fae and Humans.
When her father and brother go missing at sea, Nora finds herself at the whims of her stepmother, who would see her married to a high-ranking cousin in order to keep her father’s wealth in the family.
Torn between her duty to honor her father’s last request for a good marriage and her father’s example of marrying for love, Nora must decide what she values more. But there is power in a simple shawl and true love may finally be in reach – but will it be discovered in time?



The Reckoning - Prequel

Vivian Rivera, a middle-aged woman who should be worrying about her cholesterol and 401k, instead finds herself grappling with hallucinations and a destiny she never asked for. As a descendant of the enigmatic Dragon Queen of Chaos, she is thrust into a world of intrigue, danger, and snarky dragons.

Dodging goblins with a taste for blood.

Enduring the arrogance of disdainful elves.

Fending off her meddling aunt's matchmaking schemes.

Viv's life spirals into an unpredictable maelstrom, with the promise of only growing more chaotic.

As the long-standing enemy of the Queen of Chaos relentlessly pursues her daughter beyond the grave, Viv is haunted by cryptic visions. With time running out, she must decipher their meaning to unearth the location of the keys that hold the power to thwart the Reckoning. But can Viv find a way to free the goddess and the DayKing from the ethereal prison they are trapped in before darkness comes for her?



The Reckoning - Book 2

Storm, a fierce warrior with a heart hardened by loss, finds himself imprisoned alongside the enigmatic Persephone by a sinister scientist with nefarious intentions. Having mourned his fated mate for centuries, Storm never imagined he would encounter another soul who could stir his long-buried emotions. And then, Persephone walked into his life.

But she is not without her own demons. Her emotions and mind bear the vicious scars inflicted by sadistic lilim, leaving her wary and unable to fully trust Storm. Despite their yearning for a deeper connection, the shadows of their past loom large.

Bound by their precarious circumstances, they must learn to rely on each other if they have any hope of escaping their prison. As passion ignites between them, Storm and Persephone are plagued by doubts: Is their blossoming love a fleeting byproduct of their desperate situation, or could it be the beacon that guides them to freedom?

As they confront the enemy determined to bring them down, will their fragile bond prevail, or will the wounds of the past condemn them both to a fate worse than death?



A Book in The Reckoning Series

Nia, a fierce rakshasa assassin, never imagined her life would become entwined with that of a seemingly harmless unicorn. But when fate intervenes, she finds herself duty-bound to spend a week under the same roof as the infuriating and enigmatic creature, all while avoiding any altercations.

Enter Xavier, the charismatic unicorn shifter who is far more than meets the eye. As they navigate the tension and desire simmering between them, Nia must learn to tolerate Xavier's antics and unravel the hidden truths he conceals.

But just as they begin to settle into their uneasy truce, an urgent mission disrupts their tenuous peace. Tasked with rescuing an infant unicorn from imminent danger, Nia and Xavier must join forces and confront the challenges that lie ahead.

Together, they must overcome their differences, uncover the secrets lurking in the shadows, and resist the undeniable attraction that threatens to consume them. Can Nia and Xavier uphold their fragile truce for a week, or will their clashing personalities ignite a fire that burns them both?