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The Reckoning

The Complete Series

Delve into a world where myth and urban reality intertwine. This omnibus invites you into four interlinked tales of supernatural adventure set against a cityscape backdrop.

In "Unwanted," Vivian Rivera grapples with a lineage linked to dragons and a destiny poised to prevent a catastrophic Reckoning. "Unrepentant" thrusts tiger shifter Lily Kaplan into a cosmic race against a ruthless warchief, where love and survival collide. "Unbroken" chronicles the budding love and desperate escape plan of captive duo, Storm and Persephone. Finally, "Unblessed" follows rakshasa assassin Nia, caught in a precarious truce with the cryptic unicorn shifter, Xavier.

Featuring bonus short stories, this urban fantasy collection offers an adrenaline-fueled adventure filled with suspense, passion, and enigmatic characters from the realm of the fantastical.